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Company News
PEEK development of new products
所屬分類:Company News發表時間:2016-03-26

With the widening increasing PEEK resin production capacity and output, as well as the use of new products continue to be studied and developed. In 2002 the company introduced a Victrex PEEK resin heat-resistant new varieties of PEEK-HT. PEEK-HT is a semi-crystalline polymer, the glass transition temperature of 157 deg.] C, a melting point of 374 ℃. With standard grade PEEK resin as compared to the resin has excellent high temperature performance, mechanical properties and physical properties to maintain a temperature increase 30 ℃, wear resistance at high temperatures increased by 2 times; in a wide temperature range, can remain relatively good resistance to creep and fatigue resistance; at a temperature of 250 ℃, has a higher tensile strength, flexural modulus and compressive strength; excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents and fuel performance; easier by injection, extrusion molding machines, injection molding after the post-treatment is not required, it can be mass-produced small parts tolerance. PEEK-HT new varieties resin powder (PEEK-HTP22) and pellets (PEEK-HT G22) two forms, the main application markets are automotive and aerospace engine compartment, headlamp reflectors, heat exchange parts, and valve bushing deepwater parts, etc., in some areas have been partially replaced by metal and ceramic. Currently, annual sales of new varieties of PEEK HT has more than 100 tons.
    2003 Victrex has introduced a modified silicone (Silicon-Modified) of PEEK resin, -40 ~ 140 ℃ Izod notched impact strength (Izod) is two to three times the standard no filler PEEK resin, and its rigidity and impact performance close to polycarbonate, is currently being evaluated in a number of applications, the product has been able to press in tonnes of supplies.
    Japan Tokyo Yamakyu Chain has developed a PEEK polymer can be used as material production system board with the chain. This use PEEK resin production chain can withstand high temperature 250 ℃, and can be 200m / min speed run without lubrication conditions, but also have good chemical resistance and antistatic properties. Such PEEK polymer can replace metal processing, and its products are mainly used for a variety of high-performance end products, including automotive and aircraft components, industrial pumps, valves and seals as well as wafer conveying equipment, connectors and disinfection surgical equipment.
    2003 Netherlands LNP Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. launched two new varieties of PEEK composites
Thermocomp LF-100-12 and Thermocomp LF-1006. It is reported that these two new composite materials with high mechanical strength and thermal properties of its products, and chemical resistance far superior to some common thermoplastic composite materials, but also has good flame resistance, the amount of smoke and less fat relatively inexpensive and so on. Thermocomp LF-100-12 containing glass fibers and mineral filler content of 60%, its flexural modulus of 15000 MPa; glass fiber content Thermocomp LF-1006 is 30%. In terms of price, LF-100-12 advantage over LF-1006 low of about 40%. Both the rigidity of the composite material is preferably PEEK, bending deformation ability, which is particularly suitable for the manufacture of wear-resistant gears and bearings and other products. LNP company has been using this type of PEEK composites developed by the chemical industry pump impeller and other parts, and is developing its new applications in the automotive industry, electrical industry, the aviation industry and machinery manufacturing and other fields.
    British Robix companies use PEEK resin as raw material, extrusion process for producing a diameter of 600 to 1,200 mm, cross section of 25 mm × 19mm circular parts, also can produce cross-sectional diameter of 3 meters thick parts . British Omnifit Limited company uses PEEK substitute stainless steel, to create a patch and accessories for chromatography products used. The product is both chemically inert and can withstand the pressure of the column 41.34MPa in a typical environment. Replaced with stainless steel material is different, the product will not interfere with the separation and purification technology, and excellent chemical resistance.
    Quadrant Engineering Plastics introduced a new grade of PEEK Kerton PEEK GF30, the product is resistant to all standard sterilization methods, high-energy radiation (? Cut or X-ray) and a variety of chemicals and materials with high strength and rigidity, and impact resistance abrasion resistant thermosetting material is superior to currently used. Kerton PEEK-GF30 after 250 sterilization cycles are not degraded, thereby extending the service life of the medical device; in addition, it also has very good dimensional stability and inherent stability, can reduce the mechanical tolerances, high-quality precision parts. The product can be achieved sterilization of medical services to be repeated and then cleaning requirements.
    Recently, Victrex has introduced a range of different uses PEEK resin. PEEK- 450GL30 with 30% glass fiber reinforced, continuous working temperature can reach 300 ℃, the boiler can be used to detect the probe seal; oilfield pump for sealing engagement ring PEEK resin not only in strength can replace bronze, and when worn with a better elongation. PEEK resin used in a pressurized reactor valve bush medicine, with high cold flow resistance within a certain temperature range to maintain rigidity and strength, making the valve sealing and imperviousness to achieve ANSI VI level; dispenser for racing gear the PEEK resin, to high temperature and long-term wear, continuous working temperature can reach 260 ℃, when approaching its melting temperature of 343 ℃ can maintain the physical properties than the bronze alloy gear to reduce the 81% by mass.


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